Software Engineer in Test (Contractor)


  • Design test cases
  • Develop automation scripts which run on TestArchitct(original tools) and Appium and JUnit and so on.


  • BS in comupter sceience or equivalent
  • 3 years minimum experience of software testing and development field
  • Strong software development(C/C++ and/or Java) and testing knowledge
  • When she/he is not native English or Japanese speaker, she/he requires to speak either English(more than 550 of TOEFL) or Japanese(N1) fluently.

Term of Conditions:

  • Salary: 350,000Yen/month through 450,000Yen/month
  • Contracting would be renewed every 3 month.
  • May be able to work remotely(it depends on projects), but she/he attends face to face meeting once or twice a week.
  • Ask about short working hours in case that she/he cannot work as full time.